Zhop-Art Nightstands

“Zhop-Art is a new school of contemporary art 

portraying ass-holes in art, the real world, and besides…»

Aleksandr Shymchenko

The word “zhopa1” as we know it is meant to define country-wide collapse and desperation. By voicing it we take the load of responsibility for whatever not invented, unstated or undone off our hands. The finer is the mess around us, the more often we recite this mantra over and over again. At the same time we identify presence of zhopas  only in whoever managed to shinny to the top. From below we can closely inspect and criticize zhopas of politicians and oligarchs, experts and celebrities.

The idea that we all have zhopas never entered our heads, including those at the top. Having covered our zhopa with clothes, stylish and not really, we pretend that it simply does not exist.

The mission of Zhop-Art is to remind people that they all indeed have zhopas.

1 – “Zhopa” is an obscene term for “butt” in Russian. “Zhop-Art” can be literally translated as “Butt-Art”

Author: Oleksandr Shymchenko