Metal, polymer coating, UV printing

Size – circumscribed diameter 120 cm, height 160 cm

Weight – 46 kg

“For me, the author of this work, who was born in the times of Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin and had been living for 40 years in the USSR, modern icons of smartphones, computers and other modern gadgets evoke particular associations.” These associations formed the basis of this work. “

The work SmartAss contains processed images of logos, which intellectual property rights belong to the following companies: Facebook.Inc, Google.Ink, Linkedin.Corp, Apple.Inc.

Images of logos are taken from official websites of the following companies:

The work of SmartAss also contains processed images taken from photobanks и других ресурсов:,, authorship of surarmado, Igor Podgorny, Andrew_Howe.

Author: Oleksandr Shymchenko