Guidance Sign

Metal, polymer coating

Author:  Oleksandr Shymchenko


The guidance signs are placed at the intersections  of vibrant streets. They sit there to direct you a route. Presented here is a Bzyk pointer. Any line of march chosen by you would be motion,  not halt. It means movement instead of standing. Don’t freeze!  All of us are already fed up with you just standing there!!

The ring bears an inscription of the Ukrainian saying “ Hie stshastit “ meaning “Be happy “ that the Russians  hear as “Nehuj shastat” meaning “Stop the f*ck roaming!”.

All letters and edges are stitched with bullets.

On the photo we’ve covered the letters that  insult the feelings of the believers in good intentions.

Always at your service, Oleksandr Shymchenko

P.S. If you take this  signpost too personally,  it’s your problem. I’m sure that my friends have good sense of humor. If you don’t  share my views,  just leave this webpage and don’t bother  yourself  with Bzyk  pranks ever again.

Author: Oleksandr Shymchenko