Plumbing washbowl thingy


Height 1920 mm

Author Aleksandr Shymchenko

The plumbing thingy like the other plumbing art items is made in one copy.

A sheet of stainless steel imitates water that is pouring down from the upper tap. Inside of the sheet there is a LED lamp (not a glow lamp, which could overheat the steel).

The primus bulb happened accidentally and without the skirt. A bubble has swelled under the primus bulb, inside of which there is a LED lamp switch. The switch string hangs down under the bubble. The thingy must be plugged into a socket.

The clock made in U.S.A. needs winding up once in 8 days and shows the Odessa time. There is an additional scale on the clock dial that shows, in how many days the spring should be winded up.

The thingy is also equipped with a manometer. In order to preserve the common style we had to invent a unique manometer with a black dial.

A mirror table is made of steel and glass. A big “drop” in its center has splashed the “water”, when it fell down. The brim of the table is surrounded with a metal rim that imitates an overflowing water.

The brass basin at the bottom of the thingy can be used for house plants, for example, for a liana, whose sprouts can be tied up to the pipes up to the lamp at the top.

Author: Oleksandr Shymchenko