Plumbing washbowl hanger with clock

Author Aleksandr Shymchenko

The plumbing coat rack with a clock is a part of experiment that aims to introduce the plumbing art into home interior. Like other items from the plumbing art series it is made in one copy.

The framework of the coat rack is made of a classic metal water pipe. It is covered with a layer of black polymer coating and with a layer of polymer coating varnish. All sanitary fixtures (taps, clutches, angle bars, T-joints, etc.) are authentic.

The primus bulb happened accidentally.

The coat rack is equipped with a clock that strikes the bells every 15 minutes. The clock winder can be found at the bottom of the rack.

The brass basin is suited to wet umbrellas. The next upper tier is made in form of rectangle to uphold them.

Author: Oleksandr Shymchenko