Pencil Holder PANPEN

Author Aleksandr Shymchenko

Pencil holder PANPEN is made of environment friendly aluminum. Black or red colour polymer coating. Panpen may be an elegant and interesting decoration of your desk. Present yourself with a cool gift and cheer up!

The pencil holder PANPEN is made in the form of the email symbol – @.

Various peoples of the world have the same sign for the email @ on their keyboards, but have different written and spoken names for it. Moreover, its slang names differ as well, but they share a common feature, because most of the users see an animal in the “at”.

The British, Americans, French, and Italians call @ “a snail”. The Dutch, Africans, Poles, and Germans prefer to call it “a monkey tail”. Danes may call it “an elephant’s trunk”; Norwegians say “a pig’s tail”; the Chinese call it “a little mouse”; and Hungarians say “a worm”. Russians and Ukrainians call this sign “a dog” for some reasons, and Finns say it’s “a cat”.

Among the slang names another trend can be traced, namely, the one that has something to do with delicacies. Swedes, for example, call the @ symbol “a cinnamon bun”; the Israelis say “a strudel”; and the Czech say “a herring rollmops”.

Such interesting names have been invented by folks for the symbol that we see every day.

For corporate clients we offer a logo placement on the PANPEN surface.


Size: 110 x 72 cm
Weight: 225 g

Author: Oleksandr Shymchenko