Five-Kopeck Bench

Author Aleksandr Shymchenko

We bring to your attention another plumbing art object – a five-kopeck bench. The bench itself is made of traditional plumbing art materials. It is called five-kopeck bench, because it is decorated with five-kopeck coins from Russian imperial, Soviet periods etc.

The bench is equipped with a manometer, a clock that is, by the way, ticking, a bell, and a primus bulb that happened accidentally, as always.

Taps and basins are also essential parts of plumbing art objects. In this case we are planning to use the basins for growing green onions in them, which can serve a perfect morsel if needed.

Be careful while sitting down on the bench! By doing this you turn a work of art into an ordinary piece of furniture!

Author: Oleksandr Shymchenko